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Thanksgiving – Southern Style!! November 19, 2011

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The Great Turkey Debate

There are a lot of us.  Myself, my husband Brandon, my mother Kay (Grandma Kay, Mom), my sister Kim and her husband Gary (The stuffing master), their two daughters Tyler and Maxine and Tyler’s son Cameron, my brother Eddie, my brother Peter and his wife Jamie and their son Jacob, Jamie’s mother and Big Kim and Louie.

Because of this we’ll need a LOT of food.  I’ve already confirmed we’ll need to cook two turkeys.  As well as all the fixins’.

Last year we cooked our Turkey in a Hole, and since none of the Alabama family got to have it Kim thought that would be a great thing to do this year.  Brandon was all for it, I’m up for anything creative, so I thought it was settled.  In the mean time Peter offered to buy the Turkeys and some of the fixins’ (super thoughtful) BUT when I told him about the Turkey in a Hole he said he’d like to try to deep fry.  I also thought it would be a good idea being a true southern tradition here, but told him either way would be fine with me.

So….. we have Kim and Brandon who are “In the Hole”, and Peter who wants to “Go Deep”.  And me, I’m Switzerland (neutral). No Schnitzel.


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