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Who is that Amanda girl? November 26, 2010

I’m Amanda.

I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama with my husband Brandon, my mom Kay, our two dogs, Odie and Chase, and two cats, Rocky and Trace.  Our animals have a big influence on our lives.  Most of the time I feel like we live  just to entertain them.  But really they entertain us.

Chase is my biggest fan in the kitchen.  He never misses a meal, and won’t let us either.  If it’s gotten too late and we haven’t started cooking he starts to whine.  Tonight I was letting dinner cool down a bit on the stove and he sat at the bottom of the stairs and barked until we all came down to eat.  I guess that’s the Beagle in him.

Odie lives for walks and snuggles.  He’s our odd ball.  A pit bull/dashound, or so we assume.  He has personality and emotion like a little person, so much that sometimes I forget that he isn’t human.   He was the first of the four to come into our lives, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

I’m a huge fan of the simple life.  It says a lot that I’m actually writing this blog, but I guess it’s the journal of my time.  And I have a lot of good to share.

Technology exhausts me.  I’d much rather read a book, take a hike, go for a paddle or create something.

I love to cook.  I love all of the wonderful things that can be done with food, and I’m always experimenting with new recipes.  I have a problem tho, I’m not able to conform to the listed ingredients.  I can’t just make a “New York Style Cheesecake”  without making it “Amanda’s New York Style Cheesecake.  I can’t follow the recipe for basic pizza dough without throwing in a little something extra.  And I’m not so good at doing the same thing twice.

I’m a very creative person.  When I get going on something I have a hard time stopping.  It isn’t unusual to find me sewing into the early hours.  I really enjoy design and have a hard time purchasing something in the store that I could make at home myself.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the recipes and ideas I share in this blog, and feel free to share your honest opinions of what you see here.

Thank you for stopping by.



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