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First day of Christmas Crafts – Paper Chain Garland December 7, 2010

On the first day of Christmas,

my true love made for me,

A garland for the Christmas Tree.

This is a quick, simple and versatile project that can be done by “kids” of all ages.

What You’ll Need:

heavy card-stock

ruler/straight edge



I used a Christmas variety of card-stock that I purchased in the scrap booking department of my local crafts store.

Begin by selecting your paper and deciding how large you want your loops to be.  I cut my paper into 2″ wide strips that measured 12″ long simply because that was the width of the paper and I didn’t want to waste any by trimming it shorter. 

I have a rotary cutter and pad that I use for fabric, but also works great for cutting paper.  If you have one of these available I would suggest using it.  The cutting goes much faster, just make sure you use an old blade.

If you don’t have either of these, that’s ok.  Just use a scissors to make your cuts.  Draw lines on the back of the paper where you want to cut, or choose paper that has vertical lines in the pattern and cut along these.

Once you have all your paper strips cut, arrange your strips by color or pattern and choose what order you will attach them in.

Next begin making your links by taking one strip of paper and coiling it around so that the two ends overlap making a circle.  Place one or two staples to secure the loop.  Depending on your link thickness you may need more or less.

Once your first link is made, begin the chain by looping your second strip of paper through it’s center.  Bring the ends together in the same manner and staple again.

Continue this pattern until your chain reaches the desired length.

Use your chain to decorate your Christmas Tree, Across a mantle, door way, stair case, etc.

Try making garlands for other holidays/occasions as well.