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Tis the season! For shopping? November 27, 2010

The holiday shopping season has officially began.  The Great Barrington streets were just bustling with people, locals and tourists alike.  I’m so thankful that even in this bad economy people are still shopping local.  American Express offered a $25 return to anyone who used their Amex card in one of their registered “small businesses” today.  Although I don’t agree with the credit card riot, I do have to admit that giving people incentive to shop local small stores instead of the big box stores it a great idea.  However a one time $25 return isn’t half as rewarding as shopping local all year round.  You won’t find customer service at home depot that you will at your small town hardware store, or unique hand made gifts at wallmart or target.

I’m a firm believer that we are SPOILED!  Who needs piles and piles of presents to make their holiday a special one.  I’d much rather receive one small gift that someone put a lot of thought into, then a bunch of meaningless crap that will be tossed under the rug come New Years.  Home made is even better.  The idea that someone put their own time and effort into something just for you makes that something all the more special.

Shop Local.  Shop Handmade.

Check out the Alchemy Initiative’s Handmade Holiday Festival.  Saturday December 4th and Sunday December 5th in Pittsfield, MA